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Seasonal Chef Program

Does your Club or Culinary Team need assistance opening your seasonal outlets or some assistance getting through a busy season?

Our private club executive chefs are talented, accomplished, and experienced and bring with them new menu ideas, variety in wedding and banquet offerings, and standards and training techniques for that staff that will last forever.

Our executive chefs can be ready to go to work in 72 hours and stay as long as you need them.


Some other specific areas of expertise that can begin immediately and last forever might include:

  • Packaged Team of Executive Chef/Sou Chef - "Plug & Play"

  • Costs Savings

  • Menu Engineering

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction with Services

  • Portfolios of Pictures and Recipes

  • SOPs/Manuals, Speciality Dinners

  • Sample Menus

  • H2B Hiring and Standards of Training

  • Hiring Timetables and Practices

  • Recipes with Adjoining Cost Cards

  • Culinary Co-Worker Hiring and Orientations

  • Culinary Audit

  • Forms and Financial Management Tools

  • Safety & Sanitation Standards

  • Wedding & Banquet Offerings and Contracts

  • Alignment with Culinary Schools

Leveraging the expertise of Our Team of experienced Chefs with a proven track record in successfully opening various types of outlets and maintaining high production standards during peak periods will help ensure smooth operations and high-quality output during challenging times.

Contact Us Today To Get Started

Phone: (480) 685-1054


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