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Image by Jed Owen
Pall Gudmundsson.png

Pall Gudmundsson

Certified Master Chef

A Bit About The Chef

Chef Pall grew up in Iceland and began cooking aboard a merchant marine fleet at the age of 15.  He attended the Culinary Institute of Iceland for four years and upon graduation, went on to study under the great European Master Chef, Hilmar Jonsson, earning his certification as a Certified Master Chef three years later.  He came to the United States at the age of 32, arriving at Quail Lodge and Golf Club in beautiful Carmel, California.  In addition to many years of serving members in private clubs in the USA as Executive Chef, Chef Pall has also spent 12 years as F&B Director/Executive Chef at Resorts in California and Nevada. Chef Pall recently completed an assignment at Shawnee Country Club in Lima, Ohio, with professional development training for the culinary staff.  Chef Pall recently completed an assignment as Interim Executive Chef at the Stamford Yacht Club in Stamford, Connecticut, and recently completed an assignment at Graymere Country Club in Columbia, Tennessee, south of Nashville.

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